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In 1969 I was 18 years old, and one month out of high school when I started Dutchess Automotive MachineShop. That was a lot to say on the phone when answering. So just said D A M .. Same as I say today. About 10 years later, when I was young and foolish, I added the words "The" and "Best" over and under the letters dAM. That logo I used for about another 10 years. I hired a company to redo my logo then,, they came up with my current logo, and I have been using it ever sense then.   JOHN SATTERFIELD, dAMBEST              JOHN SATTERFIELD DAM Machine Shop, Inc. 

Advanced Engine Technology Conference 2003

Like many of us, John Satterfield (www.dambest.com ) has a lifelong obsession for automotive design. He's dedicated a ton of research time toward trying new ideas, calculating the mathematical relationship between various engine components, and just plain finding horsepower. He began drag racing in 1981 and now produces his own line of carburetors for specific applications. We'd never seen solid billet-bodied carbs before, but John's engineering showed how and why his design is superior. John's speech was enlightening, especially as he walked us through the research and design of his personal engine project. The 321-inch Ford small-block was radically altered to optimize airflow and fuel droplet dispersion, resulting in his target of 800hp in naturally aspirated form approaching 9,500 rpm.


Ref. Zoominfo : John Satterfield, who became a highly successful engine builder during his years as a drag racer, has made the science of efficient combustion techniques a consuming passion. That has resulted in his gaining a highly regarded reputation in all areas of racing, from what is now NASCAR Nextel Cup through the Busch Series, Craftsman Trucks, NHRA and the NASCAR Modified Series. In addition, he has developed carburetors for dirt Modifieds and other dirt divisions in the Northeast out of his machine shop in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Advanced Engine Technology Conference 1996

About Mr. John Satterfield. With a lifelong passion for automotive design, Mr. John Satterfield has worked as a machinist, parts designer, and engine developer. His experience includes tenures with a number of manufacturers including Manley and Childs & Albert. In 1969 Mr. Satterfield went to work for Detroit Supply which he subsequently purchased and incorporated under the name dAM Machine Shop, Inc. in 1981. Mr. Satterfield began drag racing at the age of 16, and has been racing ever since. He currently races his car in competition eliminator where cars race against the national index.

dAMBEST Race Carburetors Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, Feb `83:  Link to article 

This is in 1980,, using my first in class "Spintron"... I called it a Valve Train Dyno. Always leading, never following..... John




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